Report Sea Life -

Report stranded marine life right here.

Due to warm water temps, yearling marine mammals are being stranded on beaches in record numbers. Use this website to report them to the Marine Mammal Safety Team, whose volunteers will guard the animal from both humans and nature until the Pacific Marine Mammal Center can pick them up.

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Why It's Happening

Marine mammals are being stranded in record numbers due to the elevated ocean temps this year. Yearlings feed from their mothers, and when the mother searches for food, she is normally gone for very short periods of time. With the warmer waters pushing their food sources further out, sometimes the mothers are gone for many days-- even a week. In this time, the baby seals and sealions grow tired of waiting and seek out food on their own.


What Not To Do

While these animals are hungry, feeding them can result in death. They are often dehydrated as well, and feeding them could cause them to choke to death on the very food you are attempting to help save their life with. When these animals are picked up by PMMC, they are tube-fed for 4-12 weeks before being released back into the ocean.


How To Help

Report the location of the sick or injured animal right here. Your report will be instantly relayed to MMST. MMST will contact PMMC and will serve to protect the animal(s) until PMMC can arrive. MMST works closely with PMMC on these matters, as PMMC is short-staffed and can often take hours-- or many hours-- to arrive.